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Makaela Barron

Office Ministry

Jail Minisrty

On Saturday afternoon from 1-3 p.m., two to four people go together to visit the Lincoln County Jail.  We offer Bible studies and the Alpha Course. With enough volunteers, you would need to be present only once a month.  Training is provided for men and women who serve in this  act of encouragement and hope.

New Parishioner Welcome Ministry

This Minisitry personally contacts newly registered members of the parish.  We offer new members a free ticket to the monthly brunch, meet with them personally and offer them a welcome packet with information about the parish.  Are you good at hospitality and newcomer connect? We can use your Apostolic gifts to this committee. 

Prayer Chain

Members volunteer to pray at home for those who are ill or in need of some extra prayers. 

Food Pantry

The Food Pantry provides food to those who have emergency needs.  Volunteers from all three Parishes and anyone else who would like to help work and deliver food to people's homes. Volunteer opportunities can accommodate to any schedule. 

Bargain Bin

This ministry gift provides clothing and household items to those in need The Bargain Bin is staffed by all three Parishes and whom ever would like to volunteer. The Bargain Bin relies on donations from the community.  Profits go to the Church, and Catholic Schools.  Volunteer opportunities for the Bargain Bin can vary from a few hours a day, all day, once or twice a month, and entire week or anytime that works for you. Hours of operation are Monday- Saturday 10 a.m. to 3p.m. The store is opened the 2nd Monday 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. for an evening of a bag sale this is where you stuff a bag with whatever you want and can pay $3 for the bag. 

Parish BBQ

This annual activity is held every August. The Parish works and plays together, with all the proceeds going directly to the church.  There are many ways of being involved. 

Ministry to the Hospitalized

An important outreach minisrty gift from our Parish is to bring the Eucharistic to Catholic who are in the hospital. This Apostolic gift is for people who are comfortable praying with others and can contact our Priests if the patient asks for the sacraments of Anointing or Reconciliation. 

Transportation to Mass Ministry

This ministry provides transportation to Mass and other events for those who cannot drive or who are without a vehicle. We will connect you with those in your area. 

Parish Health Ministry

The Parish Health ministry practices holistic health education for individuals and the community while centered in the spiritual dimension of caring. Licensed medical professionals are welcome to join this team. Non-medical people are welcome to assist with non-medical aspects. 

Parish Office Aid

The office aid helps with various needs in the Parish office, to include but not limited to, preparing Parish mailing and stuffing bulletins.  At times a volunteer is needed to answer the phones when the secretary cannot be in the office. 

St. Martha Ministry

St. Martha ministry provides occasional meals for our Priests on nights when they are particularly busy.  They appreciate a home cooked meal to enjoy between appointments! You will be called and given the opportunity to choose from possible dates. 

Parish Photographer

We would appreciate help photographing Parish events, day to day activities of the Parish.  Your photo's will be unloaded for use in newsletters and for archival purposes.  When you come to church....bring your camera. 

Buildings and Ground Repair 

We are looking for persons handy with a hammer, paint brush or broom! Folks in this ministry will help us to keep our facility looking good and functioning properly.  Help when it works for you. 

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