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Eucharistic Adoration

Thursdays 6am-8pm

Welcome!  You are now fully initiated and in full communion with the Roman Catholic Church!  We are so glad to have you in the Body of Christ.  You may be wondering - what just happened to me?  What do I do now?  Is it all over?  

The journey of faith is a life long journey.  You have only begun.  In the Mystagogy section of RCIA, we explore the new life in Jesus Christ.  We look at what it means to be active in living out Christian faith.  We come to understand what it is like to grow into a missionary disciple of Jesus Christ - sent to preach the Word by how we live our life.  We also discover the practical spirituality of discipleship - the Stewardship way of life, giving back to God the gifts he has entrusted to me.


The sessions in this area are:

  • Conversion:  A lifelong process
  • The Laity:  Called to build God's kingdom
  • Your special gifts
  • Family life
  • Your prayer life
  • Discernment
  • Holiness
  • Evangelization
    St. Patrick's Catholic Church
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