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Eucharistic Adoration

Thursdays 6am-8pm

Welcome Home Ministry

The Welcome Home Ministry is a six-week program aimed at helping Catholics to return to their church. It is open to inactive Catholics and present active Catholics interested in learning more about their faith. The program uses a non-judgmental approach designed to recognize the feelings of each participant and assist them to understand that they are not alone. It is designed to provide a welcoming atmosphere regardless of personal circumstances.


Continuous Conversion - Blessed John Paul II always emphasized ongoing conversion.  From childhood through adulthood, our whole life must be a process of drawing closer to God.  He never stops calling us forward to learn more and to examine ourselves more deeply.  Very often our society values material things more than interior virtues.  But as personal experience shows, when we finally acquire the car or house or "toy" that we wanted so badly, it doesn't really satisfy.  On the other hand, we don't tend to desire spiritual virtues with the same kind of longin, but when we actually have them, we find them far more rewarding than material things.

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