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Thursdays 6am-8pm

Catholic Families
Catholic Families

Catholic Families are the foundation stones for a parish community.  At St. Patrick's, we aim to help families grow in holiness.  Visit our Faith Formation website to find out more information on what tools are available to help your family grow in holiness today!

Adult Catechesis
Adult Catechesis

Do you feel like you don't understand your faith?  Do you wish there was a way that you could fill in the gaps?  Do you wish you could have the time to really study the bible?  Well, look no further!!  At St. Patrick's we are committed to providing multiple opportunities for folks to begin or continue their learning about God.  We offer teachings which invite and share, that are open and welcoming and non-judmental.  Our hope is that all the faithful respond to the longing in their heart - the gift of faith recieved at baptism seeking understanding.  Visit our Faith Formation website for more information on opportunities to grow in faith. 

Young Adults
Young Adults

Do you feel like you are the only one at a social gathering or at work who is a follower of Christ?  Have you ever felt pressure to just join the crowd?  Do you spend your time after getting home from work wondering if there is any place you belong?  Well, you are not alone.  Your parish family at St. Patrick's has a home for you.  We have a group of young adults who are new to the work world, who are searching for God's call and living their faith.  If you need some companionship as you transition from college to the everyday grind, visit our Faith Formation website to learn about the young adult group and what we do.  

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